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Winnipeg Concrete Restoration Services

Parking Structures - Bridge Decks - Warehouse Floors - Plaza Decks – Balconies 


Concrete Repair from Carlson Concrete Restoration Services in Winnipeg
Parking Garages - one of the expert areas for Carlson Concrete Restoration Services in Winnipeg.

Whether you're looking for concrete repair for your damaged parking lots and walkways, or beautify your commercial, retail or industrial landscape, call Carlson Commercial and Industrial Services to learn more about our new concrete restoration services.

Carlson has always been driven to deliver the highest level of service and value to its customers over the last 80 years of business, and with this addition Carlson will provide a more robust service to all our clients. As leaders in the commercial and industrial industry, we continue to build upon a long tradition of integrity, excellence and growth. 

The benefits of restoration

Preservation and protection of structures is a sustainable and effective way to mitigate pollution, reduce solid waste and conserve natural resources.

Additionally, in most cases, concrete restoration is more economical than demolition and reconstruction. It reduces downtime and minimizes loss of revenue as well as minimizing business disruptions. Carlson Concrete Restoration is dedicated and committed to sustainable construction, providing solutions for concrete structures.

Looking after our clients’ needs and providing excellent customer service with the highest level of integrity is our motto. Our team is committed to the highest standard of customer satisfaction.

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At Carlson, we firmly believe in providing the highest quality services in the concrete restoration industry today. Our services are designed and delivered allowing our clients to preserve, restore and maintain their structures. From a small repair, facility maintenance, to multi-million-dollar restoration projects, Carlson can deliver the right product and service to suit your needs.

Our team members have a strong eye for detail, they are well trained, experienced concrete professionals who strongly believe in craftsmanship.

Our Team's Beliefs

PROFESSIONALISM Professional staff members provide the very best in customer service.
RELIABILITY We are with you every step of the way. From the start to the completion of your project.
PERFORMANCE Our highly trained concrete restoration technicians use only the industry’s best materials and best repair practices. We continually develop our technicians through professional development opportunities/
SATISFACTION Great attention to detail and quality workmanship are the leading factors that set us apart from our competitors.

Our Services


Concrete Services

Structural Repairs
Constructability Consulting
Concrete Demolition
Column & Wall Repairs
Soffit & Beam Repairs

Parking Garage Restoration
Parking Garage Maintenance
Expansion Joint Install and Repairs
Concrete Coring and Cutting
Rebar/Structural Steel Replacement

Cementitious Pressure Grouting
Epoxy and Urethane Injection
Concrete Investigation Services
Concrete Patching
Balcony Repairs
Concrete Slab Repairs
Concrete Topping Install 
Concrete Joint Edge Repairs
Housekeeping Pads
Chemical Anchor Installation

Building Envelope

Caulking New Construction Joints
Control Joint Sealant Work
New Pre-Cast Sealant Work
Rough Opening Sealant Work
Random Cracking Sealant Work
Fire Proof Sealant Work
Flashing Install and Repairs
Polyurea Joint infill and repairs

Surface Preparation

Shot Blasting
Sand Blasting
Water Blasting
Surface Scaping

Waterproofing Services/
Building Protection Systems

Traffic Membrane Systems
Decorative Epoxy/Polyaspartic Coatings
Chemical Containment
Hot Applied Rubberized Asphalt Waterproofing
Cold Applied Waterproofing
Sealer and Epoxy Coatings
Elevator Pit Waterproofing
Balcony Coatings
Plaza Deck Waterproofing
Water Repellants, Sealers, Coatings
Foundation Repairs and Waterproofing

Life Safety

Roof Top Safety Audit
Roof Anchor Install
Fall Protection System Install
Load Testing abilities
Annual Safety Inspections
Certified Kee Safety Systems