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While snow in Winnipeg is in the forecast for next week, spring cleanup has already begun across the city; and when that snowfall has melted away, even more Manitobans will be getting their residences ready for another sun-soaked season.

That being said, however, we have to keep in mind that Winter will come again. Yes, this is the time of year to get out and enjoy bright warm days, but for businesses in Winnipeg, now is the time to start prepping for 2021-22’s snow and freeze.

What does this mean for you? Protective coating season is here!

Consider, for example, if you are a Winnipeg property owner with a parkade. Though traffic in 2020-21 was measurably lower thanks to Covid-19 restrictions, the salt and sand on the road, picked up in tires, still made its way into your parking area one way or another and may have caused damage. A fresh protective coating will ensure that you’re at the best operation well before the next snowfall.

How about your industrial centre’s roofing? Yes, there was a lower amount of snowfall this past winter, but there were still decent falls. Add that predictions are calling for a normal amount of rain in Manitoba and you’d best be ready now for some wet weather. Protective coatings, again, work well here, repelling water and ensuring that it slides off your roof and down your gutter systems (so long as they are in a proper state, of course, but that's an entirely other blog topic). Pooled water can do major damage to your roofing in the longrun.

The first step to ensuring your surface has proper protection is a call to Carlson Commercial and Industrial Services. Our team will inspect your property and give you an honest assessment of your building's needs - whether it’s a spot repair, full detail or if your protective coating repair project can wait.

The key is to connect with us early before our bookings are filled. Fill out our contact form or call Carlson today at 204-233-0671.


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