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Access Flooring

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Whether renovating a century-old heritage building or building a new, modern facility in one of the industrial parks that dot suburban communities, raised access flooring from Carlson Commercial Servicers can be the solution to your logistical concerns.

What is Raised Access Flooring (aka computer flooring)?

Simply put, raised access flooring systems provide space for building systems beneath structurally sound platforms used in various work environments

What are the advantages in using raised access flooring?

  • Raised access floor systems are often designed to include equipment designed to handle heating and physical loading, creating capital and operational cost savings.
  • Raised access floor system floor panels are modular and readily removable to allow quick access to under floor HVAC equipment, power/data/voice cabling, etc.
  • Work station and electrical equipment foot prints and configurations can be modified easily with little fabric cost.
  • Raised access floor systems are LEED point compliant.
  • Virtually any architectural floor finish can be easily applied to raised access flooring.

Where is Raised Access Flooring Used?

  • Offices
  • Data Centres
  • Casinos
  • Educational Facilities
  • Medical & Correctional Institutions

Why Carlson?

Regardless of the age of your building (or whether it is still being constructed), Carlson’s team of professionals can provide you with the manpower and knowledge to supply you with the best raised access flooring product, design, planning and installation.

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